Class Notes


In reading, we have been focused on building a reading life!  We have discussed many ways to be a good reader.  Good readers:  reflect on their reading experiences; set goals; read good fit books; read faster, stronger and longer; read with expression and make meaning of the text; recognize when comprehension breaks down; reread; entice others to read books by summarizing; keep a constant supply of good fit books; solve unknown words; and share their reading lives with others! We will continue to practice these skills and add new skills to build our reading lives and become our best reading selves!

Remember every student should be reading 15 - 20 minutes each night, and filling out their Reading Log found in their take home folders. 


Third graders have been working hard at starting their writing notebooks.  We will be writing true stories.  Students will learn strategies to help find possible ideas for stories, make goals, focus on telling stories – not summaries, writing leads, and learning about paragraphs.  We continue to discuss grammar, usage, and mechanics of good writing.



We will spend time modeling sorting and spelling activities.  Students will begin to have their individualized spelling sorts and words to practice.  Look for these words and sorting/spelling activities to do at home!



Our first math unit has started to introduce us to basic multiplication and division facts. We will be learning basic multiplication and division with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10.  Students will identify and use patterns, properties, rules, and area to multiply and divide.  Students will write and solve unknown multiplication equations to solve a division equation.  They will also use multiplication and division to solve real world problems involving equal groups and arrays.  We will test Unit 1 in the middle of October!  Then we will begin Unit 2 with adding the multiplication and division facts of 6, 7, and 8!  



Our first unit of study will be about Water.  Students will explore properties of water, observe interactions of water with different materials; investigate the property of water surface tension; and investigate and observe the movement of water on a slope.  Students will also use the scientific thinking process to conduct experiments and build explanations – observing, communicating, comparing and organizing.


Students will be switching classes and have Mr.  Able as their social studies teacher.  They have been working on map skills as well as discussing and following current events through Scholastic News. 



KEYBOARDING - Soon we will be starting keyboarding in the computer lab.  Students will be learning good posture, home row, and finger reaches.  Please encourage these skills when typing at home!

CURSIVE - Coming 2nd Semester!

COMPUTER LAB - We are practicing memorizing our logins and passwords.  We are exploring the MPSD, Madison, and classroom website. We are also starting keyboarding!