5th Grade Band

Welcome 5th graders (and parents) to the start of an exciting journey for you!!  We are hoping to get started with small group lesson by the second week of October.  By now, you've tried out an instrument and selected which one you'd like to play.  If your parents were unable to attend the Parent Meeting on September 11th,  I've included information below as far as what was discussed and what you or your parents will need to do in order to get an instrument and a lesson book.  

Meeting Agenda:

  1. I discussed how we fitted kids for instruments

  2. I talked about committing to the band/orchestra program for at least one year (our hope is 8 years through High School)

  3. How and where to get an instrument. We had a representative from Heid Music at the meeting and in the folder was information on how to rent an instrument through them.  You can find that flyer in PDF form at the bottom of the Madisonband 5th Grade webpage or on the Heid Music website.  As a parent, you can rent or purchase an instrument from whomever you choose but we had Heid there for parents who were ready to rent that night.  You can still rent through them.  Visit their website below and you can find information on how to rent an instrument and what the cost will be.  You can also visit my "Links" page to find other music stores - however we do highly recommend Heid Music:  www.heidmusic.com

  4. Parents were to sign and return a "Pink Form" which I have included at the bottom of this webpage.  You can turn that into Ms. Groelle or Mr. Wagner by Wednesday, October 4th.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me (contact information can be found below).

  5. We will be starting band lessons by Monday October 9th or Wednesday October 11th   (depending on which day your student is scheduled for ).  As a result you will need to locate an instrument by that time.  If you need more time please let me know and we’ll segue you into the lesson schedule.  Hopefully we can get you on board by mid to end of October.  You will also need your lesson book:Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for your instrument and preferably a music stand to help you practice at home.

I hope that helps to explain what we discussed and when your son/daughter needs an instrument by.  If I can be of further assistance at this point, please let me know by email or phone.



I’m excited to get your son/daughter on board with band!       Mr. Smith
Heid Music Band_Rental Flyer 2017.pdf
Heid Music Orchestra_Rentals 2018.pdf

2017-2018 5th Grade Elementary Band Performances

Tuesday, January 30th 6:30PM: 5th Grade Northside Band Concert at Wilson

Friday, March 9th 6:00PM: 5th and 6th Grade Bands - 5th-12th Grade BAND-O-RAMA at Lincoln JFK

Tuesday, May 8th 6:30PM: 5th and 6th Grade Northside Band Concert at Wilson