Mrs. Williams

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About Mrs. Williams -

Hello!  My name is Amy Williams and I am a third grade teacher at Madison Elementary.  I am looking forward to another very positive and fun filled year.

I am thrilled about working with students and you this year!

Please check my website and Facebook page to see the latest news and current activities of our classroom.


I feel parent involvement and communication with school is a very important part of a child’s education. Throughout the year, I will send home newsletters and notes to keep you informed about what is going on at school and how you can assist your child. If at ANYTIME you have questions or concerns, please contact me.  Feel free to call me at Madison at (920) 663-9466, e-mail me at, or call/text (920) 320-1275.  I will try my best to return your message the same day.  I will update this web page throughout the year and I have a Facebook page titled, Mrs. Williams’s 3rd Grade Classroom! Click on the link under Internet Links and Like us!

Homework/Assignment Notebook/Friday Folders

Generally, the students will have enough time to complete assignments in class, however if the work isn't finished, it needs to be taken home. I encourage you to help your child by having a set time and place for homework.  I will staple a note to the assignment notebook if an assignment(s) is/are incomplete and ask that you sign and return the slip along with the completed homework.  

Please allow for at least 15 minutes of reading and 5 minutes of math fact practice every night!

At the end of each day, we will record homework assignments and special announcements in the assignment notebook. I will sign the notebook before your child leaves. Please sign your child’s notebook after their work is completed for the evening. I will check for a signature the following morning. Please feel free to communicate with me through the notebook.

On Friday, please take time to review the items in the Friday Folder and send it back to school on Monday!


Every morning, students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast in the classroom.  Each child will have the chance to choose the meal kit (2-3 items) and extra serving of fruit and milk (optional).  Students will eat first thing in the morning at 8:15.  On Fridays, a hot breakfast option is available!

Behavior Policy and Procedures

PBIS (Positive Behavior and Intervention System) will be used to acknowledge positive behavior, reteach inappropriate behaviors, and provide consequences when necessary, in our classroom.  Our school has adopted three school-wide rules:  Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  As a class, we will discuss and learn what that looks like in our classroom and other areas at school.   

To monitor these expectations, our class is using a “Clip-up, Clip-down” system.  All students will start the day on Ready to Learn.  When children follow the school-wide rules and show exceptional behavior, that child can “clip-up” to Excellent Choices and earn Cougar Cash.  Continued positive and exceptional behavior could earn the opportunity to “clip-up” again to Outstanding earning additional Cougar Cash!  If a student is in need of reteaching for an unacceptable behavior, that student will receive a warning.  If the behavior continues, the student will “clip-down” to Make Better Choices.  Continued inappropriate behavior will again receive reteaching for appropriate behavior and another warning before the student “clips-down” to Consequence.  Consequences for clipping down are dependent on the severity of the misbehavior, but may include:  loss of recess minutes, a Think Sheet, practicing the expected behavior with the teacher/classmate, note or phone call home.  Any student reaching Consequence will receive a minor or major Behavior Incident Report.  

Students who earn Cougar Cash can spend it in the classroom for various privileges and activities on the classroom menu.