Class Notes


We are close to finishing our Mystery Unit.  Students have enjoyed learning the characteristics and using the lingo that comes with mysteries.  We will use what we have learned about reading mysteries and apply it to all fiction reading.  Next, we will be starting a nonfiction unit.  Students will learn about text features and text structures.  Students will find out how to learn from nonfiction books and embrace the challenge of reading nonfiction.

Remember every student should be reading 15 - 20 minutes each night, and filling out their Reading Log found in their take home folders. 


Third graders are working on publishing their true story narratives.  We then will celebrate their hard work!  To match our nonfiction unit in reading, we will begin the art of informational writing.  We also continue to practice grammar, usage, and mechanics of good writing.


We have begun a new spelling series called, Spelling Connections.  Students are given a word list based on their pretest/needs and will complete spelling, phonics, vocabulary, and other activities to practice the spelling pattern.  Look for word lists to come home!


Math has continued to teach us new math skills!  We are learning about measurement, time, and graphs in Unit 3.  Students will learn about the US Customary and metric units of length, liquid volume, and weight/mass.  Students will tell time, add and subtract time, and explore elapsed time.  We will look at line plots and bar graphs and learn how to interpret and make them. We then will move on to Unit 4 – Multidigit Addition and Subtraction!  Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home, every night for 10 minutes. 



Students continue to learn about Water!  Students have been exploring the property of surface tension and will be observing the movement of water on a slope!  Ask them what experiments they’ve been doing!



Students switch classes and have Mr.  Able as their social studies teacher.  They have been working on map skills as well as discussing and following current events through Scholastic News. 


KEYBOARDING - Students have begun keyboarding!  They are learning about posture, home row, and practicing finger reaches.

CURSIVE - Coming 2nd Semester!

COMPUTER LAB - We are practicing memorizing our logins and passwords.  We are exploring the MPSD, Madison, and classroom website. We have also started keyboarding!