Joining Band and Orchestra - Agenda and Handouts

Welcome 5th graders (and parents) to the start of an exciting journey for you!
We will begin small group lessons the week of October 8th. By now, hopefully you've tried out an instrument and selected which one you'd like to play. If you or your parents are unable to attend the Parent Meetings the week of September 10th, I've included information below as far as what was discussed and what you or your parents will need to do in order to get an instrument and a lesson book.  

Meeting Agenda:

  1. How kids are fitted for instruments.
  2. Committing to the band/orchestra program for a minimum of one year (our hope is for much longer than that).
  3. How and where to get an instrument: We had a representative from Heid Music at the meeting and in the folder handed out was information on how to rent an instrument through them. As a parent, you can rent or purchase an instrument from whomever you choose but we had Heid there for parents who were ready to rent that night. You can still rent through them. Visit their website below and you can find information on how to rent an instrument and what the cost will be. The instrument and supplies can be delivered to your child's school free of charge. In Manitowoc, Mad About Music also rents and sells band and orchestra instruments:
  4. Parents were to sign and return a "Cherry Form" which I have included. You can turn that into your 5th grade teacher. Please note that under the "Check One" area, the last selection should only be checked if you cannot afford an instrument or you have an instrument that is only rented through the MPSD Music Department (French Horns, tubas, basses, etc.)
  5. We will be starting band and orchestra lessons the week of October 8th. As a result you will need to locate an instrument by that time.  If you need more time please let me know and I'll make sure you are included in the lesson schedule. Band students will need to purchase Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for their instrument and orchestra students will use the following method book: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 for their instrument. An inexpensive wire music stand will also be needed for practice at home.

If I can be of further assistance at this point, please let me know by email or phone. (If possible, please email)

I’m excited to get your child on board with band or orchestra!      
Tony Bauer

REGISTRATION FORM-(Cherry) - Google Docs.pdf